Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Week's Comics: Birds of Prey, Batman, Booster Gold, Batgirl, The Amazing Spider-man, Deadpool Teamup, Kato, The Green Hornet Strikes

Birds of Prey No. 1 written by Gail Simone, art by Ed Benes. I guess my expectations for this book were pretty unrealistic. I mean, I was so fucking excited about it- Gail Simone back on Birds of Prey! Shit yeah! And it was good, but it wasn't great. It was all just setup. Hopefully next issue will kick all that ass that Simone used to kick in the good old days.

Batman No. 699 written by Tony Daniel, art by Sandu Florea. I complained about this last issue, but - seriously D.C., stop ruining the Riddler. I mean, this issue he goes from being in a coma to being a villain again. Stop it! It's annoying.

Booster Gold No. 32 written by Keith Giffen and J. M. Dematteis, art by Chris Batista. Keith Giffen can be funny, or he can spend an entire issue talking about poop jokes. He chooses the latter option here, and the comic actually becomes annoying to read. The ending was unexpectedly emotionally powerful, but that's mostly just because everything that had come before was junk.

Batgirl No. 10 written by Brian Q. Miller, art by Lee Garbett and Pere Perez. I honestly did not expect Batgirl to be my favourite comic this week, but it was. As much as I don't really like zombies as villains, these were done pretty well, and Batgirl is awesome. The scenes of her attempting to cryptically tell people that she was Batgirl while in her civillian disguise were really funny, as well. A really good, entertaining comic.

The Amazing Spider-man No. 631, written by Zeb Wells, art by Emma Rios and Chris Bachalo. This was pretty good as well. I liked the internal struggle between the Lizard and Curt Conners, that was going on amidst the external struggle between the Lizard and Spider-man, and I liked the fact that it was legitimately sad, sweet and terrifying. The Lizard is normally a pretty crummy villain, but here he is awesome.

Deadpool Teamup No. 893, written by Rob Williams, art by Matteo Scalera. This was a reasonably good comic, even though I don't really understand what happened in it. Why would there be a weapon called "Cultureswap Tech"? Who would invent such a thing? And at the end, when Deadpool is going crazy-British, is he actually still under the effects of the Culture-swap tech, or is he just making fun of the British? He mumbles something about his healing-ability alterring the whatever whatever, but... so... what was happening?

Kato No. 1, written by Ande Parks, art by Ale Garza and Diego Bernard. Dynamite's run on Green Hornet comics sure do like to set things up for future issues, while having very little actually happen in each issue, don't they? This wasn't terrible, but nothing actually happen except for awkwardly executed character development until the very end, when a woman who had said a grand total of about three lines was [shock horror] murdered! What an emotional impact that would have had if I had at all cared about her, or this comic!

The Green Hornet Strikes No. 1, written by Brett Matthews, art by Ariel Padilla. Whereas Kato wasn't particularly good because nothing really happened, this book was actively bad, because too much happened, and I had no fucking clue what any of it meant, or was. Honestly, it's not just the jumping back and forth between the two seperate storylines (although that didn't help to make things easier to understand, given some panels I was like, "wait, which storyline is this happening in?"), it was also the fact that I have no idea what was going on in either storyline, but for different reasons. The one with the old Green Hornet telling the crime boss that he was the Green Hornet I understood basically what was happening, but had no fucking idea why it was happening, and just kept thinking to myself, "huh? wha'? why is he...? What?" over and over again. And the other storyline with the new Green Hornet breaking in to some building and doing... something, I had no problem with that from a character point of view, because I had no fucking idea what was happening, so I don't know if the characters were acting like idiots or not. Maybe this book will get better, but this was pretty bad.

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