Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Week's Comics: Batman Confidential, Secret Six, Nemesis, Batman and Robin, Doom Patrol, Amazing Spiderman, Deadpool Corps, Astonishing Spiderman

Batman Confidential No. 44 written by Kevin VanHook, illustrated by Tom Mandrake. Eh. Zombies. I'm kind of bored with zombies in pop-culture. They're just not particularly interesting as villains. I mean, they just sort of stumble around, moaning. Not that impressive. The artwork in this comic was really good, and I did like the fact that the zombies were traditional voodoo zombies, not some sort of rage-virus or whatever, but I still don't particularly like the idea of zombies as bad guys.

Secret Six No. 21 written by Gail Simone, illustrated by J. Calafiore. This was pretty good. I liked how much of a dick everyone was in the flashback sequences (and that's a villain origin story worthy of BTAS), but the stuff in the present was kind of... uninteresting.

Nemeis: The Impostors No. 3 written by Ivan Brandon, illustrated by Cliff Richards. This was a boring, confusing muddle, and I can't really criticise it, because I don't actually know what the hell happened, and I don't care enough to try and work it out.

Batman and Robin No. 12 written by Grant Morrison, illustrated by Andy Clarke. Such ugly artwork, such mediocre story telling. I'm sick of this book. "The Return of Bruce Wayne Begins Here?" You've been saying that the whole time, and it just isn't goddamn true! Stop teasing us, you assholes! Just return Bruce Wayne already, so we can put this whole non-Bruce Wayne Batman behind us, and get on with our lives!

Doom Patrol No. 10 written by Keith Giffen, illustrated by Matthew Clark and Ron Randall. This book is alright drawn (although the faces sometimes look moronic), but it's just... I don't care about it. I think I'm going through my usual, "god I'm bored with D.C. why don't they ever do anything interesting?" thing that I cycle through. I should stop reading so many lines that I don't really like, or I'll end up stopping reading all D.C. altogether.

The Amazing Spider-man No. 630 written by Zeb Wells, illustrated by Chris Bachalo. Because I've just started reading Marvel again though, I'm having no such problems with them. This book was really fun. I've always thought that the Lizard was a pretty stupid character, but I do like the way they are handling him here - I like his reptilian thoughts, and his attempts to stop them. I also really liked the artwork - it's much more fun than on any D.C. book that came out this week.

Deadpool Corps No. 2 written by Victor Gischler, illustrated by Rob Liefeld. I know that I'm supposed to hate Rob Leifeld with the power of a thousand suns or whatever, but this book wasn't that poorly drawn.I mean, yes, the Champion did look RIDICULOUS, but he was supposed to - he was a joke on the usual Liefeld character. And Deadpool maybe is a bit too muscle-y here, but nothing that actually made me scream at the book. The Gardener looked terrible, with his stupid face and his stupid beard, but other than him the book was actually drawn alright. And it was written pretty well as well. Quite a few good lines.

Astonishing Spider-man and Wolverine No. 1 written by Jason Aaron, illustrated by Adam Kubert. I don't really understand what the point of most of this book was. I mean, okay, so Wolverine and Spider-man have been sucked into an alternate universe with robot-dinosaurs, that's all pretty cool, but what is the point of all the caveman stuff at the start? Wouldn't it just have been easier to have them be sucked into the robot-dinosaur alternate-universe to begin with? I don't know, maybe there will be a reason revealed eventually. Otherwise, it's just sort of annoying.

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