Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Doctor Who episode 5.5: Flesh and Stone

Last episode I said: "oh well. Maybe it gets better in Part 2." Turns out: nope. It gets much, much worse. I mean, the whole crux of the episode just made no fucking sense whatsoever. Why the hell couldn't the Weeping Angels tell that she couldn't see them? She had her eyes closed, goddamnit - what, they can tell when you're blinking, but not when you've got your eyes closed? What does that even mean? And even if that somehow made any kind of goddamn sense, surely as soon as she was facing away from them, they'd be able to grab her from behind. When she tripped over, and her face was facing directly into the ground, surely at that point the Angels would have been able to work out that she couldn't see them. What, they're just standing there, thinking, "do you... do you reckon she's got eyes on the back of her head, or something? Is it alright to stop being stone now, do you think, or... should we just stay like this, just in case?" And when Amy is on the ground trying to find the communicator that she dropped - why is she having such a hard time finding it? I mean, yes, I get that she can't see anything, but had she gone deaf as well? It was making a perfectly audible beeping sound, and it was within easy reach of her hand. None of this scene made any sense.

The rest of the episode wasn't much better. Actually, that isn't true, the rest of the episode was significantly better, but it was still terrible. It was just the Doctor babbling on about the crack in time. According to Stephen Moffat, every fucking episode of this season is going to be about the Doctor babbling on about the crack in time, so hooray. We've got more of this bullshit to look forward to. Next time - Venice. And vampires. This is gonna suck. [ba doom ch]

I would just like to say, for the record: I thought the epilogue was actually pretty good. It was funny and interesting, unlike the rest of this utter garbage. And it makes perfect sense, from a character perspective - why haven't any of the other companions tried to seduce him?

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