Thursday, May 27, 2010

This (or rather last) week's comics: Batman: Streets of Gotham City, Legacies, Justice League of America, Girl Comics, Deadpool, Atlas, et al.

Also: the Avengers, Atomic Robo.

This review is late because I didn't get to the comic shop until now.

Batman: Streets of Gotham City No. 12 story by Paul Dini, script by Dustin Nguyen and Derik Fridolfs, art by Dustin Nguyen. This was an alright comic - I do like the Carpenter as a character (particularly when she isn't around the terrible Mad Hatter), and her charm and lack of morals do make this reasonably entertaining, but the Director seems like a terrible villain. I mean, a villain obsessed with movies, or a failed-director-turned-villain would both have been good ideas, but a guy who wants to direct snuff films and talks in vaguely movie-jargon dialogue? Lame.

Legacies No. 1 written by Len Wein, drawn by Scott Kolins, Andy Kubert and Joe Kubert. Hey, I've got a great idea for a comic! Let's do a series about a bunch of old superheroes that nobody cares about! Not only that, instead of actually attempting to show the reader why these characters are interesting and/or relevant to today, and why we should be reading about them, let's just push them into the background and focus on two irritating ten year olds and a boring police detective! Yeah! Great! And let's have all the dialogue be terrible, and everything about it boring! Genius!

Justice League of America No. 45 written by James Robinson, drawn by Mark Bagley. Why is this comic about superheroes I don't care about? Look, I like Donna Troy, and gorillas are always pretty cool, and, you know, Batman is good. But why is it Donna Troy and not Wonder Woman? Why is it Supergirl and not Superman? Why is it Golden era Green Lantern, and not a proper Green Lantern? I like the JSA and all, but introducing them into this mess is just making things worse - I keep wondering why D.C. aren't using their top-drawer superheroes in what is supposed to be the top-drawer superhero team.

Girl Comics No. 2 written and drawn by a lot of different women. This is an anthology comic (with the theme of female writers and illustrators), and as such the quality is variable. Some of it is excellent, like the wonderfully charming "Do You Ever?" written and drawn amusingly by Faith Erin Hicks, and some of it is terrible, like the baffling and boring "Rondeau" which had pretty good art by Cynthia Martin, but just an awful script by Christine Boylan. All in all, this anthology wasn't bad, but nor was it very good (except in places).

Deadpool No. 23 written by Daniel Way, art by Carlo Barberi. This was funny - not great or anything, but solid Deadpool. And I really liked the idea of a Bea Arthur lookalike contest.

Atlas no. 1 written by Jeff Parker, drawn by Gabriel Hardman. As terrible as Legacies no. 1 was, this was worse. At no point did I give any kind of a shit about what was going on. I just, I just didn't care.

The Avengers no. 1 written by Brian Michael Bendis, drawn by John Romita Jr. So if Atlas was Marvel's Legacies, then the Avengers is Marvel's Justice League. The difference, however, is that this was good. Not great, but a solid start. One of the things that is good about it is that *gasp* they actually decided to use *double gasp* superheroes that people give a shit about! Oh my god! What a revolutionary idea!

Atomic Robo vol. 3 no. 4. written by Brian Clevinger, drawn by Scott Wegener. This was my favourite comic of the week - it was really funny and cool. The dialogue was great, the art was fantastic, it had funny meta jokes without actually breaking the fourth wall. It was fun and colourful and cool and awesome. Two thumbs up.

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