Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review: Doctor Who episode 5.3: Victory of the Daleks

As if the revamped Doctor Who hadn't fucked around with the Daleks enough already, it has now decided to turn them into Power Rangers. Why? I have no fucking idea, I just hope they never turn up again. Although obviously they will, because, well, the episode ended on a "oh no, the Daleks are loose among the Universe again!" type cliffhanger, and so we are going to be treated to the continuing adventures of the Power Ranger Daleks in a few episodes.

Even without the whole Power Ranger Daleks thing, this episode wasn't that good. I mean, I liked Winston Churchill, but apart from that, what was good? There was that completely unresolved subplot about the woman whose boyfriend had been killed by the Nazis, was that good? No... Oh! There was the ending, where the power of a robot's luurrrvvve let it become human, or some bullshit, thus deactivating a bomb. Was that good? No... that was insane and terrible... There was... nope. I got nothing.

I guess maybe the spitfires in space thing? Well that was alright, except that it gave me Star War Episode 1 "now this is podracing!" flashbacks, and nobody wants those. Oh! I know! This was the first episode were Amy Pond was dressed in regular clothes! No Officer Friendly costume or nightgown for her, no sir. Hooray! This episode did something right!

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