Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review: Batman: The Animated Series episode 1.41: Joker's Wild

This was a really good episode. I love Mark Hamill as the Joker - he has such a manic, scary, funny energy that it is just glorious. And this was a great Joker vehicle as well - Paul Dini sure can script 'em. The animation is this one was also pretty good - the Joker's movements were often just berserk and over the top, but in a good way - in a way that seemed intentional. The big action climax was reasonably well done (although there was one shot of Batman on the Bat-glider zooming past a skyscraper that probably sounded good in theory, but looks pretty crummy in practice), and there were hardly any problems with it, even minor ones.

I mean, okay, the bad guy's plot didn't make a whole lot of sense - to enrage the Joker so much that he blows up the casino, in order to claim on the insurance. After all, how did he know that the Joker would be enraged, rather than flattered or delighted? Basing your scheme on your predictions of how a madman might act is not exactly a particularly good idea.

But apart from that one piece of 'idiot plot', the episode was just a really good, fun to watch episode of BTAS.

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