Saturday, May 1, 2010

This Week's Comics: Batman Detective Comics, Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, Superman, Gotham City Sirens, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, et al

Also: Green Hornet, Peter Parker, Deadpool, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Batman Detective Comics No. 864 written by David Hine, illustrated by Jeremy Haun. Bits of this comic were interesting (I liked the scene of tray swapping in Arkham Asylum), and the ending was interesting, but the story isn't that interesting, and the artwork is ugly, without being stylised. The cover for the book is great, but the artwork inside is blah.

Teen Titans No. 82 written by Felicia D. Henderson, illustrated by Jose Luis. This was kind of disappointing as well. The fight scene was overlong, and became sort of monotonous. And the ending just sort of appears, from out of nowhere, making almost no sense. It is so rushed and awkward, it is difficult to understand what exactly is happening. The artwork is good, though.

Justice Society of America No. 38 written by Bill Willingham, illustrated by Jesus Merino. I love Bill Willingham - Fables is excellent, and Shadowpact was one of the books that really made me enjoy comics - but what the hell does he think he is doing? What is this? Why is this happening? Why have all the heroes lost their powers, and the Nazis taken over? I mean, it's well written, but... why?

Action Comics No. 889 written by Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann, illstrated by Pere Perez. Ugh. This book is so boring and annoying. I usually don't like Rucka's work, but this is ridiculous. I did not give a shit about this comic for even one second. And why is Superman not in Action Comics? What the hell is up with that?

Superman No. 669 written by James Robinson, illustrated by Bernard Chang. I haven't been following the whole Last Stand of New Krypton storyline that closely, but this book was pretty good. And it actually had Superman in it. And he punched Brainiac in the face. Good times.

Gotham City Sirens No. 11 written by Paul Dini, illustrated by Andres Guinaldo. This was a really good book. I mean, the Poison Ivy stuff was kind of crummy - I don't know why she fired someone she liked and respected to prove her dominance, rather than someone she didn't give a shit about. But the Harley and Selina plot was really good, showed the serious dangers of living with an unstable personality like Harley Quinn, and also was a very funny way to end the whole hyena thing. The art was pretty good as well - I liked the great facial expressions on all the different dogs.

Wonder Woman No. 43 written by Gail Simone, illustrated by Nicola Scott and Fernando Dagnino. This was alright, although I'm not really looking forward to next issue, where Wonder Woman and her cousin just punch each other in the face for twenty two pages. I don't know, maybe it'll be good. I did really like the panel of Achilles chargin in on the two trunked elephant, though. That was great stuff.

Green Hornet No. 3 written by Kevin Smith (screenplay) and Phil Hester (breakdowns) illustrated by Jonathan Lau. Judging by this comic, it is sad that we never got to see Kevin Smith's version of the Green Hornet movie. It would have been pretty awesome. Ah well, the comic is good enough. The highlight was the reintroduction of Kato, just sitting in a bar, acting all kickass.

Peter Parker No. 2 written by Bob Gale, illustrated by Patrick Olliffe. If someone had told me this was going to be a P.S.A. comic, I probably wouldn't have read it. Seriously, the whole thing is just people standing around, whining about how great charity work is. What the hell, Bob Gale? How did your life go from the Back to the Future Movies to this?

Deadpool No. 22 written by Daniel Way, illustrated by Tan Eng Huat. This was a pretty good comic, although the non-linear structure thing did mean that the ending was pretty much a cheat. But oh well, it was funny, and Deadpool seems like he is actually maybe, sort of, kinda, becoming a proper superhero.

The Amazing Spider-man No. 629 written by Roger Stern, illustrated by Lee Weeks. This was, for the most part, a pretty good comic, except for the fact that much of the book is just people standing around, whining about their problems. I do like the fact that for once it isn't Spier-man doing most of the whining - actually the Juggernaut does more whining in this comic than Spider-man, and I seriously doubt anyone ever thought that would happen. The ending was also fairly preachy, but, apart from all that, pretty good.

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