Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review: Doctor Who episode 5.4: The Time of Angels

Not content with just ruining the Daleks, the new season of Doctor Who has decided it would be a good idea to ruin the scariest monsters from the new series as well. Stephen Moffat's Blink was the best episode of new Doctor Who with its crazy intricate plotting and its completely clever mystery. But this episode was just... meh. It wasn't bad (although I have no fucking idea why Amy Pond didn't tell anyone she was turning in to stone - is she retarded or something? Is that her character ark for the season?) but it certainly wasn't as good as its predecessor. The image of the Angel emerging from the television was legitimately creepy, but apart from that it was all just been there, done that. And more doesn't mean better, just as making them a bigger threat doesn't make the episode better.

And did it really need to be a two parter? I mean, most of this episode was just people pointing torches at things in tunnels - surely you they didn't need all those scenes. Oh well, maybe it gets better in part 2. Although, frankly, I doubt it, since I can't imagine how they can make Amy's stupid actions not seem stupid, or how they're going to stop the Angels in a better way than in Blink.

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