Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Batman: The Animated Series episode 1.42: Tyger, Tyger

This episode started stupid, and pretty much stayed that way until the end. The whole Island of Dr. Moreau pastische thing is kind of a cliche, and it wasn't particularly well done here, either. When they could have focused on the tragedy of the terrible lives of these poor mutants, they spent much of the running time focussing on the iritatingly-voiced scientist, Emile Dorian. And the whole Catwoman being turned into an actual cat thing was poorly handled, as well. What did she actually think of the experience? Did she like it? Hate it? Was she absolutely revolted by the idea? Did some small part of her think that it was what she really wanted? We never really find out - she spends most of the episode just sort of standing around, acting ambiguously cat-like. And why was that henchman called Tygrus, anyway? I mean, for one thing, it sounds like Tigress, but he's a guy. And for another thing, he's not a goddamn tiger. He's what, a panther? So why isn't he called Panthrus, or whatever?

The ending was kind of sad, where Tygrus realises that his entire life is going to be one of pain and misery, but why wasn't the whole episode about that? I mean, if you're going to do a Dr. Moreau pastiche, at least do it properly - make it explicit how sad and tragic these creature's lives are.

Also - furries be warned. The character designs are kind of ugly on the cat-humans. Just a heads up.

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