Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day!

For Free Comic Book Day, I picked up three titles from my local comic book shop, Adelaide Comics Centre. They only allowed three per person. Damn them!

Anyway the three comics I picked up were The Sixth Gun No. 1, the Asylum Press Sampler Fearless Dawn, and Atomic Robo. This last one was actually released for Free Comic Book Day 2009. Why they were giving it away this year, I do not know. But, you know, Damn them!

The Sixth Gun No. 1 written by Cullenn Bunn, illustrated by Brian Hurtt. This was a pretty good introductory issue to what may turn out to be a pretty good comic. The artwork was nicely stylised, with faces that look almost like they were clay masks. I also quite liked the plot - I liked the fact that everyone just kept lying to each other. That doesn't happen enough in supernatural stories. People often seem to think that you can't break promises where the supernatural are concerned, but this comic is spitting in the face of that stupid convention.

Asylum Press Sampler Fearless Dawn - written and illustrated by various people. The actual Fearless Dawn thing, written and illustrated by Steve Mannion, was pretty good (although a bit Tank Girl derivitive), but the rest of these comics were just terrible. Okay, Undead Evil looked like it had pretty good artwork, by Nenad Gucunja, but apart from that it was all just ugly pieces of shit. Particularly Black Powder by Dwayne Harris. I saw that it was a comic about pirates, and I thought to myself, "oh, this should be good." But no, it's just people standing on a boat, wondering whether they should go to a tavern or not. And it is the most goddawfully ugly and terrible artwork I have ever seen outside of an independant comic from the eighties. Just awful.

Atomic Robo written by Brian Cevinger, illustrated by Scott Wegener was pretty kickass, though, even if it was from a year ago. It was funny and cool, and the artwork was really, really good. I'm going to try and track down some more Atomic Robo, because it seems like it rules.

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