Friday, June 4, 2010

This Week's Comics: Joker's Asylum, Spectacular Spider-girl, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Legendary Talespinners, Sweet Tooth, Dust Wars

What a crummy week for comics. I walked into the shop, and stared at the "new comics" table in dismay. There was absolutely nothing that I actually wanted. I ended up getting six comics, but they were all the sorts of books that I would have been perfectly happy to skip if there had been a better selection.

Joker's Asylum II: The riddler written by Peter Calloway, drawn by Andres Guinaldo. Alright, so this is a comic I probably would have picked up anyway, but this is the only D.C. comic I bought. Everything else just looked so goddamn boring. And I was sort of excited to see that Joker's Asylum was back, because it was sometimes really good, but it was really variable in quality - you'd get the excellence of the Penguin story one month, then the awfulness of the Poison Ivy story the next. And given the shittiness of the Riddler as a villain, I wasn't holding my breath. What I got was actually closer to the Penguin than Poison Ivy - it was pretty good, sad and touching and tragic, and the Joker's narration was pretty funny, as well. This was by far the best comic this week, although that really isn't saying much.

The Spectacular Spider-girl no. 2 written and drawn by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, additional art by Sal Buscema. Yeah, so the only Spider-man related book this week was a stupid knock-off about his daughter. I'm not saying that Spider-girl is automatically a bad character or anything, she probably could be done interestingly. But here she wasn't. She really, really wasn't. And the Punisher's here as well, so, yeah, that's bullshit.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird no. 1 written by Jim McCann, drawn by David Lopez. So much set up. The openning sequence was a nicely handled action set piece, establishing who Hawkeye and Mockingbird are, how they operate, their history etc. etc. And I thought to myself, "alright, this might actually be good." But then after that one good action sequence, we just get clumsily handled character introductions for pretty much the entire rest of the book. Not terrible, and it might get good in a few issues, but this one was pretty meh.

Legendary Talespinners no. 3 written by James Kuhoric, drawn by Grant Bond. This was a pretty cheap Fables knock-off. Not terrible, but, again, meh.

Sweet Tooth no. 10 written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. I honestly don't know if this was good or not. I just had no idea what was going on. Maybe I shouldn't have started reading at issue 10, but honestly - what was happening? I just don't know.

Dust Wars no. 1 written by Christopher "Mink" Morrison, drawn by Davide Fabbri. This really did suck. It was boring and stupid and incomprehensible. There was just nothing good about it. I never would have bought this book if there was anything else for sale this week, but I just couldn't leave the shop with only five comics. I probably should have. Or maybe I should have gotten Demo - that looked confusing and oblique, but it least it looked vaguely interesting. And, you know, not awful.

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