Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Wonder Woman episode 1.2: The Nazi Wonder Woman

Why is Wonder Woman so goddamn stupid in this show? There is a scene in this episode where Wonder Woman is attending a charity fund raising thing, trying to use her image to raise some money for the troops. Then someone else dressed as Wonder Woman walks onto the stage. This Wonder Woman is a Nazi (we know this because it tells us in the damn title), and yet, what does Wonder Woman do when confronted by this obvious imposter who she has no knowledge of? Does she gently whisper in someone's ear a question along the lines of, "huh? Is this some sort of stunt you organised to raise more money for the troops?" Does she make any display of even mild-level confusion? No. She just stands around smiling like a goddamn idiot.

And yes, television, I understand. Some men are sexist pigs who want to keep women down, and for no reason assume that women can't do anything. I understand that these men are inherently bad people. They deserve to be taught a lesson. The thing is, though, I would find it a little easier to buy your message of "women are equal to men" if it wasn't for the fact that on your show, every single female with any level of competence is super-attractive, and the actresses were obviously hired for their levels of attractiveness, rather than acting ability or intelligence. Because honestly, I find your implied message of, "women are equal to men, as long as they're super hot" incredibly distasteful.

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