Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: How I Met Your Mother episode 5.13: Jenkins

I stopped watching this show during Season 4, because it became terrible. I tried to start again in early Season 5, but Ted is just such a stupid dick. And yeah, I know that nowadays the writers are intentionally making Ted into a dick, to try and pretend that this was their intent all along. But no, dudes. Ted was supposed to be adorable in the early episodes, and making him into an obnoxious idiot just makes the show a whole lot worse. Also, the Canada jokes just became insufferable. Yes, I get it, Robin's Canadian, and the rest of the cast is culturally insensitive. Move on.

But this episode actually didn't have any Canada jokes, and, well, it did have Ted acting like a stupid idiot ("I guess I didn't get super drunk and vomit all over myself, then. Oh wait, no, I did both those things. FACE.") but the rest of it was pretty good. The Robin drinking game thing was funny, and the Marshall-Lily plot was good, and Barney didn't have a whole lot to do, but I think that's largely because Neil Patrick Harris directed the episode, and couldn't be bothered having his own plotline as well. So, yeah, good job. I didn't dislike this episode. Maybe I'll watch some more. And then again, maybe not.

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