Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review: Doctor Who episode 5.9: Cold Blood

Goddamn this was stupid. At no point did anything that happened make sense or be dramatically satisfying. Why was Ambrose such a stupid moron? What the hell is the Doctor even talking about at the end when he tells Ambrose to get the world ready for the Silurians return? I mean, what kind of control does he think this one goddamn woman has over humans a thousand years from now? What the fuck?

And - why the hell were Rory and Amy standing on the damn hilltop waving to their past selves? That didn't make any sense. Why had they come back to this point to see their past selves and wave from a vast distance? And why when Rory had been erased from time did Amy still decide to go to the far-away hill all by herself? What the hell was the point? I understand it was a dramatically convenient way of displaying that Rory well and truly had disappeared from all time, but still... it should at least make some sense. Not be quite so goddamn BLATANT about being nothing but a plot device.

And that's really been the problem with this whole two parter (well, one of the problems, anyway). There is absolutely NO attempt made to hide the fact that everything that is happening is just a convenient plot device. I mean, in the first part we had the whole Rory getting lost because he didn't want Amy wearing her engagement ring (the flimsiest pretext for seperating characters in the history of ever), and now we've got the Amy and Rory waving thing. We also had the kid with dyslexia, the old-aged romance, the fact that the Silurians decided to isolate the area (for no reason) and then de-isolate (for no reason).

Actually, now that I think about it, most of these problems weren't even proper plot devices. They were all set up as terribly executed plot devices that were supposed to pay off, but most of them didn't. Rory's wandering away meant that he discovered that the graves were stealing people. This is never mentioned again. The kid having dyslexia (set up in a really awkward and pointless openning scene, as well as several other equally awkward and pointless scenes throughout the two episodes) never goes anywhere. The only poorly handled plot device that actually has any sort of resolution is the old-aged romance, where their love for each other causes them to stay behind and bla bla bla. I mean, it was stupid and boring, but it least it went SOMEWHERE, unlike the rest of this mess.

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