Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Entourage Season 5

Who knew Adrien Grenier could act? Not I, nor anyone else who had watched the 65 episodes of Entourage before the finale of season five. Oh sure, we knew he could look charmingly handsome, and we knew he could play happy, or laid back, or optimistic, but apart from that, we hadn't really seen him do anything. But in the finale of season five, we get to see some real acting from Adrien Grenier, and he is actually really good at it.

Maybe it was just the fact that we had never seen Grenier's character Vince approach anywhere near the angry meltdown that season five reduces him to. Maybe it was the constant and relentless soul-crushing emotional beatdown that season five unleashes on Vince. Maybe it was the emotionally devestating dialogue he is given to deliver. I think all those things helped, but no, I think Grenier is actually, surprisingly, a really good actor. There is a point in this season where Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold is asked by Vince whether Ari thinks Vince is a good actor. Ari's reply was, "I think you are a movie star. Are you a good actor? That remains to be seen." That was what I thought about Grenier. Yes, he was a good T.V. star. But I hadn't seen him act yet. Now I have.

But Jesus Christ this season was relentlessly depressing. It was good, but it just wasn't as... fun as Entourage is supposed to be. At one point in this season, Vince is reduced to making a special guest appearance at a girl's Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party. What happened to the show that was basically just four guys yelling in happiness and man-hugging each other? Where did that show go?

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