Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Doctor Who episode 5.12: The Pandorica Opens

This was an okay episode. It wasn't great - there weren't very many moments when I thought to myself, "wow. This is awesome." But at the same time, it wasn't terrible - there wasn't very much that made me think, "ugh. This is awful." So, yeah, it was okay. And it was the first of a two parter, so maybe the next episode will actually be good, instead of, you know, not bad.

The central 'twist' of the episode was kind of obvious - that the [spoiler] Pandorica was built to contain the Doctor. But then, on the other hand, the other twist, the fact that [spoiler] everything that was happening was based on Amy's imagination, was pretty well done. I had assumed that the twist was going to be that Amy's knowledge of Romans and Pandora's box was going to help them fight the evil, and then they would go back in time and instill the love of Romans and Pandora's box into Amy as a little child, thus creating a weird paradox, where Amy and the Doctor were only alive because of something they did in their own personal futures, which isn't how Doctor Who time travel works, but it worked because it affected Amy's own personal timeline in her past.If you get my drift. Or if you don't.

So, yeah. Decent episode, with some nice moments in it, and a lack of the utter shit that has plagued much of this season, but it also doesn't reach the heights that some of the good episodes have got to.

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