Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Entourage Season 4

This season opened with a fake-documentary "behind the scenes" episode on the set of Medellin, which was good except for one thing - the inclusion of Ari Gold. Why is Vince's agent being interviewed for a behind the scenes puff piece? He wasn't even on set - the documentary film makers actually would have had to go to his office with the specific intent of interviewing him. And why, when being interviewed for this puff piece, is he actually disparaging of the film? That's a pretty big dick move on the part of an agent - claiming that his client's movie is a total failure. I mean, the Ari stuff was funny, but it just broke the reality that the fake-documentary style was attempting to impart.

After the filming of Medellin, though, not a whole lot actually happens. It's basically just people wandering around trying half-assedly to see Medellin. There are good episodes - mostly involving Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Drama (Kevin Dillon) acting like dicks to each other - and there aren't that many bad episodes, but not a whole lot actually happens.

For example, there is the two episode arc where E (Kevin Connolly) becomes the manager of Anna Farris, before almost immediately making a whole lot of poor decisions and getting himself fired. What is the point of this storyline? I suppose it's to display E's internal conflict - should he be honest about the quality of the projects he's advising people to take, or should he be trying to maximise profits? And the reason he acts like a dickhead with Anna Farris is the fact that he can't decide which of these things to do, and so flip flops randomly between the two.

But what, exactly, is the point of showing E doing this? Is this legitimate character development, or is it just another pointless diversion? Will E learn from his mistakes and become a better manager, or will this foreshadow E's downward spiral of fucking up, or will this entire pointless plot be almost immediately forgotten, and E go back to being the exact same decent manager he was before hand, who occassionally makes mistakes? My bet is on the last option.

This doesn't make the show bad, but I do wish it would get over its amnesia.

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